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A one-thousand-year-long film fully shot and edited by an artificial intelligence.

32 generations of humans.

A transformed landscape. 

A multitude of authors.

Broadcast live from 2024 to 3024.

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The Feral is a collective artwork at the scale of a landscape - a place of learning for an artificial intelligence in charge of creating a film. This environment, as it grows, is progressively populated and transformed by the interventions of artists invited to feed its learning, as many co-authors of this «concrete fiction» for the next 1000 years.

The Feral will open to the public in 2026 with a first collaboration between artists Fabien Giraud and Pierre Huyghe.

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The Feral is deployed on a site spanning several hectares at the top of a hill, within the Millevaches Plateau Regional Natural Park in France. This site aims to gradually expand, enlarging the learning ground for the artificial intelligence over the years. The previously clear-cut parcels, exploited by the timber industry, will be replanted, diversified, and preserved.

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The Institute is a research and education platform that unfolds the concrete concepts and experiences developed within The Feral, along with their philosophical, technological, and political implications. It is structured around three axes: an artist and researcher residency program, an online school, and an annual publication.

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The Feral is an artistic, educational, and environmental project led by the non-profit organization 3024, based on an original idea by artist Fabien Giraud.

Fabien Giraud & Anne Stenne

Co-founders & Artistic co-directors

Anna Lena Vaney

Head of artistic committee & Film producer of The Feral

Ida Soulard

Institute Director

Chloé Lopes


Grégory Chatonsky

Co-scriptwriter for the AI

Nathalie Viot

General coordinator

Martial Geoffre-Rouland

AI designer

Florence Cohen

Film producer

Arthur Mirat

Fondation II – Events producer

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