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The Feral
Foundations II : The Fifth Season
July 19 - 20 2024


In preparation for the opening of the site in 2026, The Feral Summer Workshops return for their second edition on July 19 and 20, 2024.

In July 2023, during the first meetings of The Feral Institute (Foundations I: Parenting the Inhuman), our objective was to explore the anthropological and political consequences of the technological paradigm marked by the current emergence of generative Artificial Intelligences. Contrary to any fascination with what machines might potentially produce, we aimed to acknowledge an unprecedented situation in the ongoing history of our hominization: as every word, gesture, and emotion of ours is scrutinized by learning machines, we have collectively become the parents of an inhuman childhood. In continuous tension with the artistic and speculative dimension of The Feral project, the goal was to uncover the emancipatory and practical potentials of such a paradigm. 


During these initial events, the following individuals participated: Tristan Garcia (philosopher and writer), Anna Longo (philosopher), AA Cavia (philosopher of computation), Patricia Reed (art theorist, designer, and artist), Grégory Chatonsky (artist and theorist of artificial intelligences), Amanda Beech (artist and theorist),

Inigo Wilkins and Sonia de Jager (researchers), Luc Saucier (jurist), as well as the founding team of The Feral (Fabien Giraud and Raphaël Siboni, artists; Anne Stenne, curator; and Ida Soulard, art historian and theorist).

For this second meeting on July 19 and 20, 2024, these conversations will continue by exploring the temporal dimension at the heart of The Feral. For while we deliberately qualify the multiple specific crises that traverse it (economic, political, social), a more encompassing crisis seems often omitted from our analyses: that of a profound transformation in our intimate perception of time and thus, what we are able to conceive as "possible". Our present is the site of collision of three perfectly heterogeneous types of time: human time, machine time, and earth time. Through a series of meetings, conferences, and workshops led by actors from diverse fields such as the philosophy of time, computer science, and archo-botany, we will strive to uncover what this temporal crisis, and the subjective upheaval it induces, also promises for our transformation. 


This year, we will be joined by: Boris Groys (philosopher, art theorist, and essayist), Grégory Chatonsky (artist and artificial intelligence theorist), Chiara Vecchiarelli (philosopher and curator), Michael Marder (philosopher), Stéphanie Thiebault (CNRS research director, paleo and archaeobotanist), Daniel Van der Velden (co-founder of Metahaven), Gaspar Claus (musician and composer), as well as the founding team of The Feral (Fabien Giraud, artist; Anne Stenne, exhibition curator; and Ida Soulard, art historian and theorist).


The Feral events are accessible to all and free of charge. 

However, these events are made possible by your support. 

You can support The Feral here



July 19-20, 2024


July 19 : 7-8.30pm 

July 20 : 2-8pm


July 19 : Online 

July 20 : The Feral

1 La Combe,

lieu-dit Villemonteix,

87460 Cheissoux, France 

Vue Aerienne The Feral 3024-2.jpg



July 19 - On line


7pm - Michael Marder, The Joints of Time (english - on line )
7.45pm - Boris Groys, The Medium Time (english - on line ) 


To access the online lectures, follow this link



July 20 - The Feral Site


2pm - Presentation of The Feral by the team
2.20pm - Fabien Giraud, Collectiviser le temps (une présentation du Féral vu depuis 3024)
3.15pm - Gregory Chatonsky, Mémoire de l’inhabitable (french) 
3.45pm - Stéphanie Thiebault, Une forêt de temps (french)
4.45pm - Chiara Vecchiarelli, Pour une chronotopologie des mondes (french) 
5.15pm - Jean Clobert, Temporal by spatial interactions in a changing world
5.45pm - Daniel van der Velden / Metahaven, The Feral: Web Platforms and Longue Durée (english) 
6.45pm - Concert by Gaspar Claus  
7.45pm - Closing events

Vue Aerienne The Feral 3024-1.jpg
For further information, please contact us at :

This series of events is made possible by the support of the entire team of The Feral, friends and allies of The Feral, and our private sponsors.

It is co-financed by the European UnionEuropean Union through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (FEADER) as part of the European programmes coordinated by the Groupe d'Action Locale Monts et Barrages. As well as the support of the city of Cheissoux, CIAP Vassivière, Greenline Foundation, Collection Lambert, DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, le Ministère de la Culture - Mondes Nouveaux, Fondation Ricard, the residents of Villemonteix. 

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